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How I serve



Unlimted Photos

I don’t think there should be a limit on memories. I will provide at least 400+ edited photos from my second shooter and me. But I don't limit it to that; depending on how long I am there, you can get up to 600+ photos.


Second Shooter

​ Not only will you have me as the main photographer, you will have a second photographer by my side! They help me be in two places at once. I use trusted colleagues of mine so you will have different, creative angles and perspectives.​


48 Hour Wedding Day Preview

Within 24 - 48 hours you can expect a full wedding day sneak peaks!


File Security

No compromise there. The second I come home after your wedding, I back up your pictures in three different places. I shoot with multiple cameras that record to various cards so file corruption is close to impossible. Once your wedding gallery is sent to you, the files will be in storage permanently. I don't delete anything, so if you misplace your photos, just ask and I will give them to you! 


I am a hype man!

LET ME HAVE ALL THE STRESS! I will worry about all the details and I will help you plan out your perfect day! I will be your cheerleader and make sure you are calm during the day! And I LOVE to dance... my goal is to get everyone up on the dance floor!

Wedding Cinematography


Wedding Film

Coming from a filmmaker's perspective, I want to make you feel something. I love hearing about your special love story, and I am passionate about telling that story through my films. Your film will be unique to you and your spouse. My biggest goal is to create something you can look back on for years to come.

Your story will be told through a 4-6 minute long film and will cover the highlights from your special day.


Second Shooter

In the filmmaking world, it's important to get different angles to tell a story. A second shooter is always included to help me carry around all the gear and get those second angles!


One Week Teaser Film

You will receive a teaser wedding film within one week of your wedding!  


Professional Audio

This is something I take pride in. I am an audiophile, Both you and your partner will be miced up during the ceremony for top audio for your wedding! - Don't worry, you can't see the mic on your dress. :)


Drone Footage, Multiple Cameras

All my film wedding packages come with drone footage and multiple cameras filming different angles at the ceremony.

Starting at $2500

Starting at $2800

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Let's Work Together

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