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Behind the camera...

Hey! My name is Andrew Cunningham, and I want to be your photographic biographer. As such, my main purpose is to depict the unique beauty and emotion of the couple’s connection. When not doing film and photography, I also enjoy art, music, thrifting, hiking, and hanging out with my sweetheart, Hannah.


I’ve had a passion for visual creation since getting my first camera in grade school.

For several years, I was sure I wanted to become a film director. My family, teachers, and friends saw my video shorts and artistic photography, and encouraged me to make some money with it. So I entered contests, buying better gear with the prize money. As my work improved, I did more photo shoots and began shooting weddings. I was always talking about “visual storytelling” back then, and that hasn’t really changed. Five years and dozens of weddings later, I have found that creative, visual storytelling is not just for Hollywood. In fact, the more I hear the unique beauty of each couple’s story, the more passionate I am to create a visual depiction of their love.

Behind the camera...


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