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Info Pricing



Starting at $300


Photo starting at $2500

Film s
tarting at $2800


Inquire for estimate   

Prices are subject to change*





Do you have payment plans?

Do you travel?

Can I have the raw photos?

Do you offer film and photo packages?

When will I receive my pictures?

Yes I do! I want to make the financing as easy as possible. I am happy to meet your needs.

Heck yeah! I have a huge passion for traveling!!

Traveling is $1 per mile after 50 miles.

After 500 miles, hotel cost is included.

Like most professional photographers, I do not send unedited, raw pictures. If there is a b&w photo that you would want in color, I can do that for you.

Yes I do! I have a very select team who I work with to insure you get the best photos and film!

For weddings you will receive your pictures pictures at most 2 months. You will receive your sneak peaks 48 hours days after your wedding. 

For photoshoots you will receive your pictures by 2 weeks. 

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